About IT Guy L.A.

We are licensed and insured to provide IT support services in the Los Angeles area. With more than 30 years of experience in building, troubleshooting and repairing computers, we take pride in providing quality work at reasonable rates.

Going the Extra Mile

Apart from removing a virus or spyware, or fixing a hardware issue, we also customize computer settings according to your specifications. Our IT specialists get rid of unnecessary software installed in your computer, and then install programs and files that you actually need.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
As problem solvers, we know what we’re doing and can guarantee to get any faulty computer or network up and running as soon as possible. To avoid interrupting your usual activities, we’ll create a workaround so you can continue working while we fix everything. After the work is done, you may get in touch with us by phone or email for any follow-up questions.

Contact us for more details about our IT support solutions.